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How to purchase the Method 1 course

When you click on any of the videos below, you will see the following image appear

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Click on the Play Now section & you will be given instructions for how to pay using PayPal as well as debit & credit cards.

Please note that you only need to pay £45 ONCE to allow you to access all of the videos on this page (& all those that will be added in the future).

You do NOT need to pay £45 for each video!

Once your payment has been accepted, you will be able to view the videos. You will also be emailed with a Password Code that you will need to enter into the ‘Already Have A Ticket?’ password box so that you can access the videos in the future.

Should you not receive this code, then please send an email to & I will send you your code.

Video 1  (14 mins)


Video 2  (66 mins)

Video 3  (12 mins)

Video 4  (35 mins)

To download the Dutching Selections Record Sheet pdf just go to:

Download pdf

Watch this video to see how to access the pdf download

Example Match 1  (25 mins)

Example Match 2

Example Match 3