Half-Time Football Cash Machine System

Introducing the:

Half-Time Football Cash Machine System

(or HTFCM for short!)

Here it is – my latest football betting method designed to make it easy for you to rake in the profits from Betfair (& other online bookmakers that allow in-play football betting).

As with all of my previous methods, this one is dead easy to use and simply requires you to:

  • check whether the half-time score in a match is one of 3 options

  • place a back bet on one of 2 markets depending on the half-time score

  • let the bet run until the match ends – or take action to reduce a loss should it become clear that the bet will be unsuccessful.

Does something that is so simple really work?

As usual, I am happy to provide evidence that the Half-Time Football Cash Machine System works so here are some screenshots from my Betfair Profit & Loss account. The screenshots cover the period 2nd-20th May 2016 when I used the HTFCM exclusively for my football betting.

HTFCM rsults 2nd-20th May 2016 1-20 (edited)

HTFCM rsults 2nd-20th May 2016 21-40 (edited)

HTFCM rsults 2nd-20th May 2016 41-59 (edited)


As you can see, I made a profit of £89.49p from 59 bets of which 56 were winning bets (a 95% strike-rate).

You need to appreciate that my stakes were in the range £30-£35 (5% of my betting bank which is the recommended stake) so even the losing bets did not result in the total loss of the stake. In fact, I rarely lose my entire stake & I explain what you need to do to achieve this in the HTFCM System details.

With such a high strike-rate, then – as you would expect – the Return On Investment is low. But I achieve ROI figures typically in the range 4.5 – 10% which is reasonable.

How can I get access to the Half-Time Football Cash Machine?

As a valued existing customer, you have been given secret access to this page – anyone visiting the footballdutchingsystems.com website will not see any link to this page.

I have produced a comprehensive video that lasts for 90 mins & which:

  • explains the system rules

  • shows the HTFCM method being used on several real matches on Betfair using real bets.

You can get access to the 90 min video for a mere


To access the video, just click on the video image further down the page and a payment box will appear as shown here:

HTFCM £27 ticket

Click on the Play Now section & you will be given instructions for how to pay using PayPal as well as debit & credit cards.

Once your payment has been accepted, you will be able to view the videos. You will also be emailed with a Password Code that you will need to enter into the ‘Already Have A Ticket?’ password box so that you can access the video in the future.

Should you not receive this code, then please send an email to losinglays@winning.com & I will send you your code.




This is the system that I’m using the most at the moment. I just check on Betfair at various times in the evening to see what matches are at the half-time stage. For any that have one of the 3 scores required for this method, then I place my bets & just let the match run to the final whistle. It couldn’t be easier!

Chris Williams