Football Trading Secrets – Method 9

Football Trading Secrets – Method 9

(Version 2 Update produced Oct 2017)

“Are you looking for a football trading method that is very simple to use; has a high strike-rate; and routinely gives you profits that are typically in the range 6-15% of your stake? Then you need to look at  my new football trading method 9”

Football Trading Secrets – Method 9 is the latest in my highly-popular series of football trading techniques that many people are making profits with month after month. And Method 9 has got to be the simplest one that I have ever produced!

I’ve developed this method around 8 key features that we all look for in a betting system. Those features are:

  1. It must be very simple & quick to make selections
    We’ve all come across those systems where you need to spend 10-15 minutes of looking up data on various websites to be able to decide whether a bet is feasible. None of us really has the time to spend doing this – Method 9 lets you decide if a bet is possible on a particular match in less than 2 minutes

  2. The bets must have ‘value’
    Put simply, this means that the odds for the bet are better than they should be. If we have odds that are higher than the strike-rate indicates that they should be, then we must make money over time

  3. Bets can be selected – and placed – well in advance of kick-off time
    With Method 9, you can select & place your bets as early as the day before the match kicks off.

  4. Able to get bets placed with both the odds and the stake that you want
    Method 9 has been developed with the need to have sufficient market liquidity so that you are able to get your bets matched without difficulty

  5. High strike-rate with good Return On Investment
    We all hate having losing bets so Method 9 has a strike-rate of over 90%

  6. Quick recovery of losses from unsuccessful bets
    Because bets have a reasonably high Return on Investment (on average around 10%), then it doesn’t take too long to recover losses from unsuccessful bets

  7. Ability to trade out for a small loss when it looks as if a bet will be unsuccessful
    If you are willing to keep an eye on a match whilst it is in-play, then you can reduce losses from unsuccessful bets by trading out early. This means that loss recovery is much quicker

  8. Back bets only
    A lot of people don’t understand how lay bets work & are much happier just placing simple Back bets

Method 9 has rules that are very easy to follow.

The method involves:

  • going to a particular website & picking a match using a set of very simple rules

  • placing a back bet on the Over/Under 4.5 goals market

  • letting the bet run until full-time

The method has a high strike-rate & produces a Return On Investment of typically 6-15%.

It couldn’t be easier!

Here is a screenshot of my Betfair Profit & Loss between 5th & 15th February 2017 (click on image to enlarge):

All bets were made using a fixed £25 stake (ie no compounding was done)

And you don’t just have to take my word for how profitable Method 9 is:

The independent review website has done a long-term trial of the Method 9 system. You can read the full review here:

Football Trading Secrets Method 9 Review

Here are a couple of extracts from the reviewer:

With nearly 2 months experience of using the method (the inevitable International breaks occurred!) I have been able to find 190 selections using a relatively conservative take on the criteria. The strike rate has been 96.32% and one reason I delayed this report was to see how long the winning streak I was experiencing could carry on – turned out to be 93 games…

The outcome of my testing was that the bank has increased by 48% in the trial (compounding stakes would have improved this further) and an ROI of 4.87% achieved…

How do I get Football Trading Secrets Method 9?

As usual, I have produced a detailed video that explains the method & show it being used on real matches using real bets.

Football Trading Secrets – Method 9 v2 Video (52 mins)

This video explains in detail how to select matches for bets & what bets need to be placed. The video shows real bets being placed on real matches. By the time you have finished watching the video, you will be confident in being able to select appropriate matches & place your own bets.

In addition, you are also shown more cautious betting strategies that will result in a lower ROI but a higher strike-rate.

The usual rule of using bets that each risk 5% of your betting bank applies with Method 9, although this could be increased to 10% once you are happy that you can consistently make profits & recover any losses.

You are doubtless now wondering – how much is this going to cost?

only £37

How to purchase Football Trading Secrets – Method 9

When you click on the video below, you will see the following image appear


(Click image to enlarge)

Click on the Play Now section & you will be given instructions for how to pay using PayPal as well as debit & credit cards.

Once your payment has been accepted, you will be able to view the video. You will also be emailed with a Password Code that you will need to enter into the ‘Already Have A Ticket?’ password box so that you can access the video in the future.

Should you not receive this code, then please send an email to & I will send you your code.

Method 9 video