CS Lay Method Videos

“Would you like to copy my simple lay method using the football correct score market that is making me easy profits on Betfair? And would you like to see proof?
Then read on…. “

Yes, it’s Chris Williams back again with another simple – but highly effective – way of making a profit from Betfair.

This method is a lay bet method & I know that some of you totally HATE placing lay bets. If so, then the CS Lay Method is not for you!

I should also add that it’s NOT a dutching method even though it’s on this website.

Those of you who are quite happy to place lay bets should read on:

This is a very simple technique. You just do the following steps:

  • place a lay bet on a single correct score for certain football matches. Lay odds are recommended to be a maximum of 9.0 but most lays are in the range of 5.5 & below

  • wait for the match to end

  • make a profit that has a return on investment figure in the range 10% – 40+%  (& can reach in excess of 150%)

  • achieve a strike-rate that is 87%+

It couldn’t be much easier!

Want to see some proof that this works?

Then just watch the following video:

 If you’d like a bit more proof, here are screenshots of my Betfair Profit & Loss account for the past few days:

(Click on image to enlarge)

Betfair P&L CS plus FCM results

Betfair P&L CS plus FCM results Pt 2

Any of the above bets that are ‘Correct Score’ are CS Lay Method bets. The ‘Over/Under 0.5 goals’ bets are from the FootballProfits.co.uk tips. The blacked out bet is an Advanced method bet from my Football Dutching System Method 1 that you can find elsewhere on this website.

And this is what has happened over the past 2 days:

Betfair P&L 27-29 Oct 2015

Yet more profit!

And on Saturday 31st October, it got even better!

Betfair P&L Sat 31st Oct

 And this is how November has started:

Betfair P&L CS plus FCM Nov 1-6th

That’s £64+ profit in 5 days & note that the above figures include 2 unsuccessful lays.

And just to show that the CS Lay Method is still working several months after the above Betfair screenshots, here are my recent profits:


 That’s a further £40+ profit in 4 days. Note that there were 3 losing bets, so profits could have been much higher if everything had gone to plan!

How to purchase the CS Lay Method course

When you click on any of the videos below, you will see the following image appear

Blank ticket

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Click on the Play Now section & you will be given instructions for how to pay using PayPal as well as debit & credit cards.

Please note that you only need to pay £25 ONCE to allow you to access all of the videos on this page (& all those that will be added in the future).

You do NOT need to pay £25 for each video!

Once your payment has been accepted, you will be able to view the videos. You will also be emailed with a Password Code that you will need to enter into the ‘Already Have A Ticket?’ password box so that you can access the videos in the future. Note that the Password Code for the CS Lay Method videos will NOT work with the Football Dutching System Method 1 videos (you need to purchase a separate ticket to view those).

Should you not receive this code, then please send an email to losinglays@winning.com & I will send you your code.


Video 1  (31 mins)

In this video you will have the basic CS Lay Method explained in step-by-step detail.

You will be shown how to select the correct score that will be used for the lay bet in a particular football match & everything is demonstrated with  a real bet being placed on a match. By the end of the video, you will be able to select matches & correct scores to lay for yourself.

Video 2  (34 mins)

This video develops the Basic method & describes more Advanced ways of using the CS Lay Method to generate higher ROI figures. This is demonstrated with 2 lay bets on actual matches.

Video 3  (20 mins)

This video provides a roundup of the ways to achieve high (20%+) ROI figures per lay. It also shows an additional way to select a correct score to lay.

Video 4 (20 mins)

This video shows an example match using the Double CS Lay Method